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Construction of individual pyrotechnical life-saving set for people who are in danger of drowning in water.

One of the most important problems connected with rescuing people whose lives are in danger in water is reaching those individuals fast to a distance which is sufficient to ensure efficient rescue operation. One should be aware of the fact that the success of the rescue operation is a matter of seconds. Considering the fact that more often than not sea accidents happen far away from the shore, the key problem seems to be equipping the appropriate services (SAR, Lifeguards, Police, Fire Department, Ambulance Service and inshore Rescue Services) with technical means facilitating efficient and, what is very important for the rescuers, safe performance of the rescue operation. Until now, the only way of reaching the survivor is using rescue vessels or direct rescue action based on giving or throwing them a life belt. All these methods are burdened with numerous flaws, the biggest of them being relatively long time needed to start rescue vessel (provided that it is located nearby), inability of using such a vessel if overicing occurs and quite significant risk of the rescue worker’s life, and in case of throwing a life belt – quite a limited range. The solution of the above mentioned problems is the development of individual pyrotechnical life saving set designed for people whose lives are in danger of drowning.

Set for the marine rescue workers was designed to launch the life belt in the shape of a cylindrical package which is inflated pyrotechnically when it falls down into water and equipped with a rescue line which is unwound during the life belt’s flight in the air.


Field tests of the laboratory set in cooperation with Military University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and DEZAMET S.A.


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