Department of Ship’s Operation

Gdynia Maritime University / Faculty of Navigation


Ship Management Simulator and ISM Code Laboratory

The laboratory contains 4 computer stations for students and instructor’s station. All the stations are equipped with laser printers in order to print prepared documents. The computers are in the network, so it is possible to send created documents, which simulates the circulation of the documents in marine trade or shipowner company.

Ship Management Simulator and ISM Code Laboratory

Laboratory computers are equipped with SES (Shipmanagement Expert System) software delivered by Vardakis. This type of software is used by many shipowners worldwide to manage their fleet. The software contains the elements of managing the ship, human resources, and quality control system in the whole company. On the basis of this software the students prepare documents corresponding the issues of a given task. The tasks are based on the vast database containing original ship documents collected by the faculty during their service on different types of vessels.

The objectives of the exercises include:
  • familiarizing the students with different kinds of ships’ documentation,
  • familiarizing the students with basic clauses of charters and their correct interpretation,
  • familiarizing the students with the circulation of documents in the sea transport,
  • familiarizing the students with ISM code observed aboard the vessels,
  • formation of the students’ understanding of the weight of the documents prepared and the ability of finding the mistakes and inaccuracies,
  • familiarizing the students with the rules of controlling the ships,
  • formation of the abilities of correct preparation of the documents in emergency situations including damage of the cargo, environment pollution, collision, accident on the vessel.

Depending on the specialization of a given group of students the instructors modify the task emphasizing the meaning of ship’s documents in case of the students of Marine Transportation faculty, or the meaning of the documents controlled by shipowner’s office in case of the students of Port and Fleet Operation.

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