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Gdynia Maritime University / Faculty of Navigation


Manoeuvring Simulator Laboratory

Hardware and software of VS 2000 Manoeuvring Simulator installed in the Ship Manoeuvring Faculty of the Maritime University of Gdynia was delivered by NICHOLS Advanced Marine Enterprises Inc from USA.

Manoeuvring simulator is at the same time the simulator unit of integrated navigation bridge. It includes two basic areas:
  • Integrated navigation bridge with visualisation system, screens and projectors systems, and actual equipment and indicators of the navigation devices: satellite navigation receiver, axis Doppler, radio direction-finder, radar and ARPA, communication system, acoustic signal generator, electronic map system;
  • Instructor station containing essential steering elements and simulator control devices.
Navigation bridge is equipped with:
  • Central steering console;
  • Steering column;
  • Control screen of the object’s status;
  • Two radar/ARPA screens;
  • Electronic map screen;
  • VHF communication panel and intercom;
  • Navigation devices screen (GPS, sonic sounder, axis Doppler);
  • Control screens of the external conditions;
  • Navigation table.
Steering system includes:
  • Steering column with steering wheel, shown in figure 1;
  • Emergency steering buttons;
  • Rudder position indicator;
  • Course indicator;
  • Turn angular velocity indicator;
  • Automatic steering unit (within central steering console);
  • Gyro repeater;
  • Propeller steering joystick (within central console).
Central Console Steering column

Central console which is shown in figure 2 is the basic element of the integrated navigation bridge.

It includes the following elements:
  • Main Propeller and variable pitch propeller steering system with appropriate indicators;
  • Course imaging system, rudder position indicators, ship’s velocity indicator, wind direction and speed indicator, depth indicator, start air pressure indicator;
  • Thrusters’ control and steering system;
  • Ship’s systems alarm panel;
  • Remote control panel of windlasses;
  • Acoustic signal control panel;
  • Autopilot panel with gyro repeater.
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