Department of Ship’s Operation

Gdynia Maritime University / Faculty of Navigation


GMDSS laboratory

Designation of the laboratory

Conducting didactic activities for full-time, extramural and evening classes students of the Navigation Faculty of Maritime University in Gdynia, as well as in-service trainings for the officers of the merchant fleet within GMDSS studies which allow the students to obtain general certificate of the GMDSS (GOC) operator.

Scope of the activities

Handling and maintenance of the devices and operation of the GMDSS

Number of didactic stations

The laboratory contains 7 didactic stations, each station is designed for 2 students.

Characteristic of the equipment

The laboratory has been constructed as a digital GMDSS simulator unit, running on TRANSAS MARINE software.

The laboratory includes:
  • 1 instructor station;
  • 6 training stations, each station for 2 students;
  • 1 actual control desk working in network with 6 training station. The control desk is an autonomous didactic station for 2 students.
GMDSS equipment within the simulator unit includes:
  • VHF radio-telephone with digital selective call - DSC;
  • Medium and short wave MF/HF radio station with telephony;
  • INMARSAT-C terminal with selective call;
  • Radio monitoring receiver 2182 kHz;
  • NAVTEX receiver;
  • EPIRB 406 MHz radio buoy;
  • SART;
  • VHF walkie talkie;
  • INMARSAT A terminal with telephony, telex and fax,
  • Additionally, the laboratory includes a library of GMDS publications.
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